breast actives

After  was occupied by  troops, and  the city, along with the university took over the authority of the . Was first introduced as the official language of the  of instruction, although the lack of staff left their positions of many  professors who lectured still breast actives school was closed by the  and transferred to the to work in the underground Vilnius University is closed by the  authorities, some of the professors were arrested and deported to the camp at Stutthof.

In autumn  he resumed business. The university became a provincial university, the Soviet Union, but still the main language of instruction (and some items in jęz. Russian).
The first years of the Polish state quite adversely affected the development of education in Hart. Carry out frequent changes in teaching staff, there were difficulties of a material nature and in 1921 there was an outbreak of dysentery. Management of Lower School in Hart, forced as it were a terrible state of the building, appealed to the District School Board and the Board of Trustees in Lviv for the grant money to repair schools. At the beginning of 1924 years created by an initiative W. Gladysz, School Reconstruction Committee, who had turned to “our countrymen in America” to support this action.
In early He retired many years head of the school breast actives. Substitute after it took. In school year to receive education at a school in the Lower Hart had children, sustained treatment with 3 classrooms. In school year  constituted the , which, however, encountered great difficulties in their activity among the poor rural population. So far, three class school in the Lower Hart was renamed on  on the common public school. The first of have been released after  a headmaster John Kwolek was after  years of working in Hart moved to this position to the brat. In his place from. The school was located in two buildings – the old school, the parent, in which were two classrooms and office and rented a building in which were two classrooms. Then taught at the school five teachers.
In  professors and former students of the  was not allowed to teach at his alma  became part of the professors and associate professors at the  found themselves in exile: in founded an organization called  academic community, whose members were: nd , who established a school of painting. The vast majority of extant research staff, administration and students forcibly displaced from their native land, they came to Torun, where the new university was created. Among others, came to Torun rector and vice rector and many others.

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